Why hire a Freelance Executive Assistant?

Amanda Reid is a Freelance Executive Assistant and self-confessed “admin geek”. Her contact details can be found at Your Associate


When I get asked what I do, most people know exactly what I am when I say I’m a Freelance Executive Assistant. Then they ask “so, how does that work?”

My concise answer is that “although I will work at your office and supply you with all the support a ‘normal’ EA would, I can also work from home”.  This is ideal for sole-traders or start-ups who use ‘meeting hubs’ as cost-effective office space.  I adapt my way of working to fit around you and find the best solution thatworks for you.

Costs are transparent with a set price per hour, or a discount is applied if you contract for 10 or more hours a month.  So as a SME you can easily factor me into your budget.  An estimate is supplied upfront, including any additional expenses such as travel etc.  When you wonder just how accurate my estimate is I remind you that I’ve being doing this job for 16+ years.  I am confident in my timescales, after all I’ve never missed a deadline!


Still not sold?

Then budget for a set-time and see just how much I’ll accomplish within it – trust me, no-one has ever been disappointed.

What has been interesting though over the 1.5 years that I’ve been doing this is that I find myself offering business organisation and strategy tips just as often as I’m detoxing your inbox or sharpening up your diary.  Apparently the 16+ years that I spent in board meetings, taking minutes and managing the actions, has provided me with a unique insight into streamlining your processes.


Add to your bottom line?

Yes, you will have to pay a Freelance Executive Assistant for their time, so how does this add to your bottom line?  It frees up your time to concentrate on your business and get back to why you started your company.   How much time do you spend on administration?  Now, how much time should you spend on administration?  If those two answers aren’t the same, then you need a Freelance Executive Assistant.  If you gain those hours back each week, you have more time to meet clients, more time to sell, more time to add to your bottom line!

So, if you’d like to see the benefits an experienced EA can bring to your business, why not contact me for a free consultation.  After all, 1 hour is a small investment when you’ll reap the benefits of hours per week being saved on administration and processes.  You know you could do better, let me work out how!

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